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Roadmap to your digital shop floor

16 May 2019 08:45
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16 May 2019 17:00
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Tools and methods for a successful implementation

Managers from industry and business are talking about the buzz term ‘digital transformation’. At the same time the understanding about how to carry out a digital transformation and how to determine its success on the shop floor could not be more blurred and vary more. This is why this one-day-lecture is providing a compact and integrated overview how to concretely implement a digital transformation on your shop floor.

What you can expect

In the context of this event the participants get to know the building blocks of a digital smart factory transformation and learn to understand their complexity. Based on the NEONEX fundamental understanding of digitization in a factory it will be explained how to define, plan and implement digitization projects for the shop floor successfully and sustainably. Apart from an overview of the key principles of agile project management this also includes the explanation of industry 4.0 potential and value chain analysis. Besides, the use case term will be introduced, and it will be examined how to build up an implementation roadmap with evaluated potentials within the context of existing company goals. Furthermore, it will be discussed how to approach a quick pragmatic implementation through concepts such as mock-ups or Minimal Viable Solutions. Finally, the role of Manufacturing Execution Systems as a key component of the IT infrastructure will be evaluated. By means of actual sample projects, it will be shown which success factors, risks and hidden efforts are linked to a digital transformation.

The seminar will be in German language.

Subject focus

  • SMART FACTORY KNOWLEDGE: What are the building blocks of a digital transformation on the shop floor?
  • AGILE IMPLEMENTATION: How does agile project management (SCRUM etc.) work?
  • IDENTIFICATION OF POTENTIALS: How do Industry 4.0 value chain and potential analyses (including Digital Muda Walk) work and what are the results?
  • EFFECTIVE ROADMAPPING: How to get to a roadmap with evaluated digitization potentials for implementation on the shop floor?
  • THE ROLE OF IT: Which role do the subjects IT architecture and MES play?
  • EXAMPLES AND CASE STUDIES: What do actual sample projects look like and what were the related success factors, risks and hidden efforts?


This lecture is run by STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX

STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification firm for the digital transformation of industrial- and B2B companies. As subsidiary of the Staufen AG we understand ourselves as pragmatic change experts for medium-sized industrial companies. Apart from developing digital strategies, we concentrate on topics around smart factory, data science and digitalization of the product portfolio resp. the business model.

Target group
Plant managers and managers from lean, production, logistics, planning, quality, administrative divisions
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Dr. Jochen Schlick
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Phone: +49 711 933 55 840, E-mail: academy@staufen-neonex.deP
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840.00 EUR
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STAUFEN., Köngen (Baden-Württemberg)
Jochen Leppert
Dr. Peter Stephan
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