Agile working and leading - Changing organizational models

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A plea for a rethink

"Agility", "agile work practices" and "agile organizations" are topics on everyone's lips. But what do they really mean? Now more than ever, dynamic changes in our environment require a new form of leadership. Management can only resolve complex issues by working together with their teams. However, this kind of successful teamwork requires a profound change in mindset on the part of managers, which can only work with a fundamental rethink. In other words, managers need to make the transition from specialist experts to coaches. Applying previously unknown management tools facilitates an innovative form of leadership in an agile environment. Be inspired!


Everything should be and wants to be agile. You too? You will learn about the three levels of management and their key control elements. We explain the evolution of the management mindset. We work together on examining the potential for con- flicts and the solution approaches for the various relationships you maintain within your role as a manager in an agile environment. You will be given theoretical princi- ples for your work in an agile environment and benefit from both practical relevance and exercises.

The seminar will be in German language.

Dates for free introductory webinars on "Agile working" can be found here.
The webinar will be in German language.


  • Evolution of the management mindset
  • The three levels of management
  • Intelligent social systems and self-management as the foundation
  • The extreme importance of lean management and agility as business management systems
  • The role of manager in an agile environment
  • System-theoretical basic principles for leadership in an agile environment


Target group
Managing directors, general managers, plant managers and managers from all areas
Course structure
With the "Agile working and leading" seminar, you will complete level 3 of our 3-stage training to become an Executive Leader.
This seminar is a optional course if you want to become an Executive Leader. In level 3 you can select one of the following two seminar topics
> "Practical digital strategies for manufacturing companies" or
> "Agile working and leading".
Whichever topic you prefer is up to you.

For the successful completion of the Executive Leader training, participation in all 3 levels is required.
After completing your training, i.e. after completing all 3 levels and positively evaluating your examination, you will be awarded the Executive Leader certificate by the St. Gallen Business School (SGBS) and Staufen.

Of course, you can also book this seminar outside the training series as an individual seminar.
Additional information
With this seminar you complete level 3 of our 3-level Executive Leader Training.
Stage 3 focuses on the future issues of "digitisation" and " agility". Discuss at eye level how to make your company fit for digital transformation or which opportunities "agile" leadership approaches open up to increase your competitiveness.
Your contact person concerning organizational topics
Margret Messerle
Contact data contact person
Phone: +49 7024 8056 151, E-Mail:
Price (plus VAT)
1490.00 EUR
Further price information
If you book the complete Executive Leader training course at the same time (i.e. simultaneous booking of all 3 levels), the total training costs including certificate amount to EUR 7,990 plus VAT. Discounts cannot be combined.
Maximum capacity
Michael Metzger
Nicolas Romfeld