The coaching kata - Module 1

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Structured development of employees and managers

How exactly employees be developed further? How can I recognize where my employees need help and how I can provide? The coaching kata provides a structure that does not just enable personnel developers to further develop the skills of their employees. Aligned with a target vision, the current level of knowledge of the person being coached is determined and then further improved step by step. The improvement kata will only work permanently in combination with the coaching kata. This is the only way to facilitate permanent learning, which is indispensable for sustainable further development.


Practice the coaching routine and take your first few steps on the road to becoming a kata coach. In various situations, you will experience the different roles in the kata process and will have the opportunity to try them out yourself. Based on the structure, an image is created of how employee skills can be further improved in a targeted way.

The seminar will be in German language.


  • The role of manager as a superior, trainer and coach
  • Establishment of a fixed coaching structure for smooth communication between coach and coachee
  • The target skills of the person being coached and status quo alignment as the target vision for the coach
  • Further development of skills in small steps
  • The attitude of the coach


To the learning organization by using the improvement / coaching Kata:
The Kata (cf. Mike Rother: "The Kata of the world market leader / Toyota's successful methods") is revolutionizing the CIP / improvement landscape in our companies today more than ever. The term originates from martial arts: Through constant practice and application of a procedure, this should become a routine that can be called up in a flash if necessary.
Target group
Plant managers and managers from HR, Production/Logistics/AV, Lean/CIP, Quality, Purchasing/Service
Course structure
In 2 modules of 2 days each you will get to know and apply the improvement and coaching kata in detail. The essential effects you will experience: Acceleration / revitalization of your CIP, increase in the adaptability of your organization, targeted development of the employees and managers involved, joy and many aha effects in the joint application as well as rapid achievement of challenging goals.
We recommend first the participation in the seminar "The improvement kata - Module 1" and afterwards the seminar "The coaching kata - Module 2", because the contents build on each other:

Of course, you can also book both modules separately, i.e. outside the kata training, as individual seminars.
Additional information
This seminar is the second and thus the advanced course of our Kata training.
Please make sure that you first attend the basic course module 1 (The improvement kata) and then module 2 (The coaching kata) as part of our Kata training.
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Margret Messerle
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Phone: +49 7024 8056 188, E-mail:
Price (plus VAT)
1490.00 EUR
Further price information
The price for the single seminar "The coaching kata (Module 1)" (2 days) is 1.490 EUR plus VAT. If both courses (The improvement kata - Module 1 + The coaching kata - Module 2) are booked together, the training costs amount to EUR 2,790 plus VAT. Compared to the individual booking of these seminars you save 190 EUR plus VAT. Discounts cannot be combined.
Maximum capacity
STAUFEN. Köngen (Baden-Württemberg)
Marco Pett