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4 Nov 2020 08:45
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4 Nov 2020 17:00
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Experience the possibilities of the smart factory with converters

When dealing with the digital transformation of one's own company, it is advisable to focus on best practices and implemented solutions among pioneers in the industry. The focus here is on the question under which conditions and boundary conditions companies are approaching digitization, which applications have already been successfully implemented and against which corporate strategic background the path to the Smart Factory will also be taken in the future. Pioneering companies will open their workshops for you and provide insight into the current implementation status of concrete applications of digitization on the shop floor.

What you can expect

Take a look behind the scenes of the Buzzword I4.0. You can expect insights into the motivations and approaches of our partner companies to the topics Smart Factory and Digital Transformation. Practical implementation examples make digital transformation a tangible experience. Exchange experiences with the pioneers and take valuable inspirations and approaches for your company with you on the basis of the benchmarks.

The seminar will be in German language.

Dates for our free introductory webinars "Smart Factory Kick-off" can be found here.
The webinar will be in German language.

Subject focus

  • Why Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory at all: Basics and Challenges
  • Effective measures for process optimization and successful implementation in practice
  • Go&See, practice-proven concepts and detailed solutions
  • Transferability of the guiding principles to intelligent factories in a wide variety of industries
  • Personal conversations with the drivers of Digital Transformation

In the one-day Smart-Factory-Live events you will get a deep insight into the Smart Factories of the pioneers. In discussions with high-ranking representatives, you will learn about the mission and vision of the respective implementation. In a personal exchange of experiences, you will learn where stumbling blocks have arisen and how they have been overcome. In addition to the practical example, the NEONEX experts will provide you with proven methodological knowledge for the rapid implementation of your own Smart Factory.


Partner for the realization of the seminar:

This lecture is run by STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX

STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification firm for the digital transformation of industrial- and B2B companies. As subsidiary of the Staufen AG we understand ourselves as pragmatic change experts for medium-sized industrial companies. Apart from developing digital strategies, we concentrate on topics around smart factory, data science and digitalization of the product portfolio resp. the business model.

Your host:

Date 2 - SFS unimarket AG: Focus on new business models
SFS unimarket AG in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley is one of the world's leading companies for mechanical fastening systems, precision parts, assemblies and logistics systems. But did you know that? SFS is also a leading software developer for solutions in the production environment and for C-parts management. Experience live how SFS dares to venture into ever new business fields on the basis of its consistent orientation towards customer benefit. In addition, you will learn how SFS's latest solution approaches with consistent value stream orientation and real-time data from lean production create an economical Smart Factory.

Target group
Management / Owners and managers from production, sales / service, development, production-related and administrative areas of the company
Additional information
For safety reasons it is mandatory to wear work safety shoes during the seminar or the units in the factory. We also refer - after booking the seminar - to the safety instructions in the syllabus.
Your contact person concerning organizational topics
Livia Kühne
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Phone: +41 44 786 33 11, E-mail:
Price (plus VAT)
990.00 CHF
Further price information
When you book all three "Smart Factory live" seminars with SEW-EURODRIVE, SFS and KSB, we grant a "3-for-2" discount, i.e. you pay only EUR 1,680 plus VAT for attending all three seminars. Participants from companies that are members of the Schweizerischer KMU Verband (SKV) receive a 10% discount (not cumulative) if their membership number is given. Discounts cannot be combined.
Maximum capacity
SFS unimarket AG, Heerbrugg (Switzerland)
Matthias Camenzind
Dr. Urs Hirt
Dr. Jochen Schlick
Urs Schmitter
SFS unimarket AG
Dr. Peter Stephan
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