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Effective leadership for successful change

The basic prerequisite for a successful lean transformation is anchoring lean in both the strategy and the corporate culture. Executives and managers assume a key role here, as they are not only managers, but must also act as opinion leaders, problem solvers and not least teachers. Excellent leadership is the basis and catalyst for excellent processes and the key factor for a successful lean journey. Lean leaders are capable of inviting people to implement change and winning them over to the CIP. If they are aware of the fact that people think differently and they can approach them in the rigth way, they are capable of significantly further developing their team.


In 2 modules of 2 days each, particular focus is placed on successfully applying what you have learned and adapting to your own professional environment. This is achieved by developing skills in a practice-oriented way using case studies and role play, as well as intensive feedback from experienced lean leadership trainers. Learn about the benefits of a holistic lean leadership approach. Understand the way that relevant management methods and elements hang together and the effects they have and become significantly more effective as a manager.

The seminar will be in German language.

Dates for free introductory webinars on "Lean Leadership" can be found here.
The webinar will be in German language.


  • Phases, necessary activities and approaches to the lean transformation
  • Basics of lean leadership
  • The role of manager as a key factor for a successful lean journey
  • Effect on your own person and self-management
  • Management and leadership duties in the lean context
  • Change management and handling conflict

What our participants say

"Through the Lean Leadership training I gained completely new insights and skills in the context of "effective leadership". To date, I have underestimated what the Lean Management philosophy has to offer, especially in the development of leadership performance and cultural change. And finally, we managers play a decisive role when it comes to successfully shaping change. I've also learned a lot about myself and my drivers and how I can use this knowledge to empower my team even more and make it more accountable."
Thomas Häusel, Spartenleitung Hebetechnik, Carl Stahl Hebetechnik GmbH
Target group
Executives from all corporate divisions;
Middle and process-related management executives who want to be pioneers for excellence in their area of responsibility
Course structure
This seminar is the start of the Lean Leader Training as well as for the Agile Leader Training. With the seminar "Leadership excellence" seminar, you will complete the first of two core modules (mandatory courses) of our Lean Leader Training and Agile Leader Training.

To successfully complete the Lean Leader and Agile Leader Training, you will initially complete 2 core modules within 24 months, consisting of the two seminars "Leadership Excellence" (2x 2 days) and "Lean Leadership" (2x 2 days) for the Lean Leader Training, resp. "Agile Leadership" (2x 2 days) for the Agile Leader Training. The core modules must be taken in this order, as the contents build on each other.
The second step is a practical period - true to the motto "No qualification without implementation": At the end of each training course, the participants receive individual, practical implementation tasks. The work on the tasks as well as the practice / deepening of the contents and skills conveyed in the training helps to achieve sustainable changes and increase the effectiveness of the training.
The practical implementation of Lean Leadership will be documented in the form of an experience report you will complete from your own professional field. At the end of the training, there will be final exam that covers all essential contents.

After completing all courses within 24 months and receiving a positive evaluation on your report and final exam, you will be given your certificate, which is awarded by Staufen.

Optional additional modules:
The programme can be further individualised according to needs and expanded to include specific training modules from the areas of "Lean", "Digital", "Change", "Strategy" and "Personality".
Sustainable behavioural change based on training is difficult. Reflection with an experienced coach is therefore useful to ensure effectiveness. We recommend supplementing your training with individual coaching. Here your individual challenges can be discussed in a protected environment.

Of course, you can also book this seminar on its own, apart from the Lean Leader or Agile Leader Training.
Additional information
This seminar is the start of our Lean Leader Training as well as of our Agile Leader Training.
Please book an appointment for module 1 as well as for module 2.
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Margret Messerle
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Phone: +49 7024 8056 188, E-mail: m.messerle@staufen.ag
Price (plus VAT)
2990.00 EUR
Further price information
The price for the entire seminar "Leadership excellence" (1 date per module 1 + 2) is 2,990 EUR plus VAT and will be invoiced in full after completion of module 1. Module 2 is therefore herewith (system-conditioned) priced at 0 EUR. The training costs for the entire Lean Leader, resp. Agile Leader Training (2 core modules with 4 training modules = 8 attendance days each Training, examination fee, certificate) total EUR 5,980 plus VAT. Optional: Add an individual coaching to your training: The package price for 2 x 0.5 days of individual coaching on-site is 3,000 EUR plus VAT. The package price for 3 x 60 minutes individual coaching online or by telephone is 1,000 EUR plus VAT. You will receive a 50% discount on up to 2 additional trainings in the areas of "Lean", "Change", "Strategy" and "Personality" for specific further training. If you book the complete Lean Leader or Agile Leader Training (basic and advanced level), we grant you a 10% discount per level. Discounts cannot be combined.
Maximum capacity
Markus Franz
Michael Metzger
Ulrich Müller
Marco Pett
Nicolas Romfeld
Eric Timmer