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Methods for lean indirect departments

Are you aware of the preconception that optimization potential can often only be brought out in production departments? This training will prove the opposite and increase your awareness as to how you can also tap considerable potential in indirect departments. In a step-by-step approach, you will learn where you can generate the greatest leverage of potential to significantly reduce both waste and processing times. You will use the tools and methods required practically and successfully to increase both efficiency and quality. Thanks to targeted deviation management with KPIs and a consistent order management system, process optimizations are secured in the long term.


Theory, lean office simulations and practical examples are all used to teach you about effective tools to analyze and optimize your organization at the workplace, process and departmental level. The focus is on your methodological expertise. Using a roadmap that you create yourself, you will start work on getting your concrete project plan up and running straight away upon returning to your company. When mingling with expert colleagues from a wide range of industries and company structures, it is important to think outside of your own box.

The seminar will be in German language.

Dates for free introductory webinars on "Lean administration" can be found here.
The webinar will be in German language.


  • The basics of lean management in the context of indirect departments
  • Lean office simulation for lean order fulfillment
  • Organization of CIP projects in indirect/administrative departments
  • Methods for analyzing indirect/administrative processes, such as SIPOC, value stream analysis, swimming lane and others
  • Process optimization with EMIPS and value stream design
  • Methods for analyzing functions, departments or teams and identifying necessary activities
  • 5 S in the office
  • The basics of Shop Floor Management in the context of lean administration
  • Plus: Final test to confirm content has been understood


Our three-stage training is both recommended and certified by the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Target group
Aspiring improvement experts, team leaders, group leaders and project managers, as well as (junior) executives from Purchasing, Lean/CIP, R&D, Sales/Service and administrative departments
Course structure
With the specialist training "Lean administration" you complete stage 2 of our 3-step Lean Experts and Lean Trainer training.
Level 2 specialist training (in one of the offered specialist areas) is mandatory if you wish to become a Lean Expert or Lean Trainer.

Since the lean management basics are not repeated in the seminar, you will work online, independently and flexibly on the web-based training "Lean Management Basics" in preparation for the seminar. The web-based training serves to refresh your already existing lean basics knowledge; the basic training cannot be replaced by the web-based training "Lean Management Basics".

At the end of the seminar you can take a voluntary written final examination for certification. If you pass the exam and successfully complete stages 1 and 2, you will receive the certificate "Lean Expert".
After successfully completing stage 1 and stage 2, you will receive your "Lean Expert" certificate.
After successfully completing stages 1, 2 and 3, you will receive your "Lean Trainer" certificate.

Additional information
You build on your knowledge in your respective field. Beside "knowing", the highly practical focus also guarantees that you gain the ability to apply the knowledge. Prior knowledge of lean concepts is required.

For demand-oriented preparation at level 2 of your training, you will work online, independently and flexibly on the web-based training "Lean Management Basics".
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Phone: +49 7024 8056 151, E-mail: m.messerle@staufen.ag
Price (plus VAT)
2890.00 EUR
Further price information
If you book the complete lean expert training (stage 1 and at least one course stage 2) at once, we grant a 5 % discount on the participation fee. If you book the complete lean trainer training (stage 1, at least one course stage 2 and stage 3) at once, we grant a 10 % discount on the participation fee. Participants from companies that are members of the Schweizerischer KMU Verband (SKV) receive a 10% discount (not cumulative) if their membership number is given.
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