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Webinar: Design Thinking (in English)

4 Apr 2019 16:00
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4 Apr 2019 17:15
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Webinar: Design Thinking - User-oriented innovation and solution of complex problems

Digital change requires us to leave the beaten track - both in the optimization of production processes and in the development of smart products. Instead of the technology focus, the user added value should come to the fore. This is exactly what the Design Thinking innovation method stands for.

In our 75-minute webinar you will receive a first rough overview of the design-thinking method and its potential to have a far-reaching influence on your innovative ability. Get to know the essence of an agile development and assess its significance for your company.

The webinar will be hosted by our Mexican subsidiary especially for participants from Mexico.
It takes place in Mexico Time from 9:00 - 10:15 (GMT-7) (equivalent to 4.00 p.m. – 5.15 p.m. (MEZ)) and is conducted in English.

Main topics

  • Overview and specifics of design thinking
  • An example of customer focus and iterative solution development
  • Why is Design Thinking particularly suitable for developing solutions and business models as part of your digital transformation?


This webinar is run by STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX

STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification firm for the digital transformation of industrial- and B2B companies. As subsidiary of the Staufen AG we understand ourselves as pragmatic change experts for medium-sized industrial companies. Apart from developing digital strategies, we concentrate on topics around smart factory, data science and digitalization of the product portfolio resp. the business model.

Target group
Managing directors, plant managers and executives from lean / CIP, R&D, IT, business development and sales / service; all those who are interested in "Design Thinking"
Additional information
The webinar takes place online and in English and starts punctually at 4:00 pm.
Please be sure to plug your headset into your computer BEFORE you start the virtual seminar room!
What you need from a technical point of view for your webinar participation, you can find out in the document "Systemvoraussetzungen_system requirements_Webinar" (Document in german and english).
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Sonja Rapp
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Dr. Jochen Schlick
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