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Practical Digital Strategies for the Industry

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From a Vision to the Initiation of your Digital Transformation

Digitalization. A megatrend that no company can ignore! At the same time, however, its nature is not immediately apparent to many corporate executives. Opportunities and challenges often remain diffuse, yet. Buzzwords dominate communication. Specific first steps do not seem to be worthwhile. The classical characteristics of the value added "turnover, cost structure, flexibility" are too dominant and long established practices to achieve company goals are too deeply embedded in the culture. Digitalization is revolutionizing the value added to entire industries, changing the way companies work together, creating new sales channels, and opening great efficiency potentials throughout the company. Pioneers are already achieving considerable success.

Get an insight into our seminar "Practical Digital Strategies for the Industry" in the free info webinar on the seminar.

What you can expect

Lectures and interactive workshop elements will show practice-oriented approaches to transfer the abstract topic of "digitization" into your own value creation system. How does a Smart Factory work to produce faster, more flexibly and more cost-effectively? What possibilities does digitization create to redesign the interface to my customers and to make the innovation process more effective? And how can sales be increased through intelligent products and new business models? Get answers! Selected BestPractice examples illustrate possible starting points and the necessary prerequisites to pave the way for your own digital strategy.

The seminar will be in German language.

Subject focus

  • Future scenarios – how digitalization changes our economic structure
  • The Smart Factory – what digitalization means to your own value added
  • Acceleration of innovation – optimization of customer journey by new customer interfaces
  • Smart products – increase sales through intelligent products and corresponding services
  • Finding the right approach – prerequisites for a targeted and sustainable digital transformation


Partner for the realization of the seminar:

This lecture is run by STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX

STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification firm for the digital transformation of industrial- and B2B companies. As subsidiary of the Staufen AG we understand ourselves as pragmatic change experts for medium-sized industrial companies. Apart from developing digital strategies, we concentrate on topics around smart factory, data science and digitalization of the product portfolio resp. the business model.

Certification partner:

Our three-stage Digital Executive training is certified by the St. Gallen Business School (SGBS) zertifiziert.
The St. Gallen Business School (SGBS) stands like almost no other institution for strategic management and general management qualification at the highest level. For many years, up to 3,000 management personalities have been trained every year - from junior managers to Group Management Board members.

Target group
Owners, managing directors, executives from production, IT, development, sales / service, production-related and administrative departments of the company
Course structure
With the seminar "Practical Digital Strategies for Industry" you complete level 1 of our 3-step training to become a Digital Executive.
This seminar is mandatory if you want to become a Digital Executive.
You will receive 2 credits for your seminar participation.

A total of 8 credits (equivalent to 8 training days) must be earned within 18 months to successfully complete the 3-stage Digital Executive training course.
After completing your training, you will be awarded the Digital Executive certificate by the St. Gallen Business School together with STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX.

Of course, you can also book this seminar outside the Digital Executive training series as an individual seminar.

This seminar is also part of the Staufen Executive Leadership Program and an elective module within the Staufen Lean Leader Training.

Additional information
As an introduction, you will learn about the scenarios that emerge during the digitalization of the economy and how these affect your company and your industry in the long term.
2 Credits for Digital Executive Training
Your contact person concerning organizational topics
Dr. Jochen Schlick
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Phone: +49 711 933 55 840, E-mail:
Price (plus VAT)
1490.00 EUR
Further price information
If 2 participants book at the same time, the participation fee for both participants together is 2,400 EUR plus VAT. If all 3 levels of the Digital Executive Training are booked together, the costs for the 8-day training including certificate amount to EUR 6,250 per participant. You save up to 480 EUR plus VAT compared to the individual booking of these seminars. Participants from companies that are members of the Schweizerischer KMU Verband (SKV) receive a 10% discount (not cumulative) if their membership number is given.
Maximum capacity
Manuel Dudler
Jana Kopp
Dr. Jochen Schlick
Dr. Peter Stephan
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