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Teaching and organizational skills

Change requires reserves! After all, only those who still have reserves are capable of change. Are you looking to establish a professional internal organization for your improvement process? One of the key duties of the head of the CIP office is to continuously extend the knowledge and skills of trainers in line with the "Train-the-Trainer" principle. The CIP office head has cross-functional expertise, is a sparring partner for management and employees alike and holds specialist responsibility for lean-compliant further development of the company. These duties require a profound understanding of lean management and BestPractice structures across all departments, as well as the willingness to assume leadership.


Through business games and theory units, you will develop your expertise in conveying lean methods and tools for your daily work as a trainer. You will spend 1.5 days working on real-world processes in a team as part of a practical workshop on the our practical partner's shop floor. You will work in a targeted way on your trainer skills and strategically expand your lean network. Continue to benefit from cross-sector expert contacts, even after completing this final training session.

The seminar will be in German language.


  • Expanding specialist and methodological expertise
  • Necessary activities at the CIP office as part of the lean transformation
  • Moderating the just-in-time simulation
  • Motivation theories, social and leadership skills and how to handle conflict
  • Effectively conveying lean knowledge, as well as analysis methods and techniques
  • Resolving a real problem in the practical workshop (1.5 days) at one of our BestPractice partners, including final presentation to the management team
  • Reflection on your own role as head of CIP office and the framework required for this
  • Plus: Final test to confirm content has been understood


Our three-stage training is both recommended and certified by the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Target group
(Future) trainers, instructors, workshop moderators and leaders of improvement organisations who have successfully completed stages 1 + 2
Course structure
With the "Lean trainer advanced training" you complete the third and last step of our 3-step Lean Experts and Lean Trainer training.
Prerequisite for admission to the top-up training: You have already successfully completed stages 1 + 2. In addition, you have been holding CIP workshops for some time and are confident in applying basic lean methods in your field.
The Lean trainer advanced training is mandatory if you want to become a Lean Trainer.

At the end of the seminar you can take a voluntary written final examination for certification. If you pass the exam and successfully complete stages 1, 2 and 3, you will receive your "Lean Trainer" certificate.

Additional information
As a prospective Lean Trainer, you will increase your communication and organizational skills and learn "How do I teach others" instead of "How do I apply something myself", based on the train-the-trainer concept.
Your contact person concerning organizational topics
Margret Messerle
Contact data contact person
Phone: +49 7024 8056 151, E-mail: m.messerle@staufen.ag
Price (plus VAT)
2890.00 EUR
Further price information
If you book the complete lean expert training (stage 1 and at least one course stage 2) at once, we grant a 5 % discount on the participation fee. If you book the complete lean trainer training (stage 1, at least one course stage 2 and stage 3) at once, we grant a 10 % discount on the participation fee. Participants from companies that are members of the Schweizerischer KMU Verband (SKV) receive a 10% discount (not cumulative) if their membership number is given.
Maximum capacity
Ulrich Beck
Dominik Bühlmann
Dr. Alexandra Hey
Michael Metzger
Ulrich Müller
Christian Schurr
Peter Ullrich
Freda von Stackelberg
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